Basic program

Basic seminar of SRUB

It is held for interested people in order to get acquainted with SRUB as the training program.

The venue is chosen according to the wishes of the participants. Mainly the customer base of the seminar is the organization, which solves all the organizational issues.

Requirements for participants: it is necessary to have sufficient physical fitness training, to maintain discipline and safety.

The age of participants of the basic seminars: from the age of 14. Mostly we work with adults; however, several times we conducted activities for children, in particular through the PLAST.

The duration of the seminar: 2-3 days.

The number of studying hours: 6-8 hours a day regarding the potentials of the participants.

The program includes such sections:

– Theoretical fundamentals of SRUB

– Basics of self-defense (low acrobatics, fall, movement, kick technique of hands, legs and various objects, the protection of punches, kicks of hands, legs and various objects, the basics of levers and link structures of the body and how to work with it, protection against collective attack)

– Basics of the shooting (holding weapons, standing, moving with weapons, snatching and preparation for the shooting, shooting in statics, shooting in dynamics).

– Basics of survival (risk factors, the algorithm of survival)

– Basics of first aid (fundamentals of anatomy for beginners, fundamentals of the intensive care unit, points of resuscitation)

– Psychological training (fear, overcoming fear)

– Legal training (fundamentals of legal knowledge, relating to self-defense).

At the end of the seminar the participants receive certificates of participation and handouts. The best of them are invited to participate in special seminars on the SRUB program.