The history of SRUB

People, who have created SRUB, were brought together by frame, common values, views and activities.

Oleksandr Chetverikov was the founder and initiator. He has a long experience as the instructor in the field of military-sports training, including law enforcement agencies.

The first group of SRUB began to train in the late 90’s. The organization was officially founded in 2002.

The aim was to create a group of instructors, who have developed their own national system of self-defense, based on the best military traditions of the Ukrainian people and the law enforcement agencies.

SRUB is designed not only as self-defense and hand-to-hand fight, but as a complex system of a person’s readiness to act in extreme conditions. Therefore, the organization began to develop various application areas in addition to hand-to-hand fight – defense against armed attackers against group attacks, the action in crowded conditions, different types of shooting, survival tactics.

Since 2007 in cooperation with the Scout Organization “Plast”, annual cycles of preparation of the applicants in different directions started to be carried out, which culminated in the Summer Camp “Legionnaire”.

In 2010-2011 the Instructors’ Courses of military-patriotic education for the youth public organizations were conducted.

Now SRUB is the training centre, which promotes the education of our young people as responsible, conscientious and fully value citizens of our state, particularly through integrated activities in the sphere of military-patriotic education.