Instructors’ course

Instructors’ Course SRUB is an instructor training program of military-patriotic education, who would be able to work with the young people in various youth organizations and institutions.

The program of instructor training includes 3 levels.

The first level includes the following sections:


  • Familiarity with the SRUB as a training methodology.
  • (Applicants should have experience of hiking at least I category of complexity).

Hand-to-hand fight:

  • Methodology of training of hand-to-hand fight on the program of SRUB;
  • Program of the seminar “Hand-to-Hand Fight”.

Practical shooting:

  • Methodology of training of practical shooting on the program of SRUB;
  • Program of the seminar “Practical Shooting”.


  • Methodology of training of the survival on the program of SRUB;
  • Practical seminar “Survival”;
  • Field output to self-survival for a few days under the supervision of instructors.

Tactical training:

  • Methodology of training on the program of SRUB;
  • Educational-practical seminar “Tactical Training”;
  • Field output for a few days.

Instructors’ Camp “Legionnaire”:

  • Consolidation of the program of training seminars in the field conditions;
  • Practice in the organization of classes.


  • Conducting classes on various topics with young people, reporting to the instructor.

The final seminar for the participants of the instructors’ course:

  • Contents and methodology of military-patriotic education.
  • Psychology of extreme situations.
  • Theory of learning on the methodology SRUB.
  • Theory of “System of Rational Safety Management”.

Practice, 1-3 level of “System of Rational Safety Management” (hand-to-hand fight, practical shooting, survival, tactical training).

The preparation of II and III level of instructional skills is carried out on special seminars for instructional staff with the active work of I level instructor.

Reception at the highest level is carried out by the Council of Trainers of SRUB.