Practical shooting

Seminar of SRUB  “Practical Shooting”

Duration: 2 days.

Venue: Kiev, Ternopol, or by agreement.

Purpose: to provide the participants with practical skills of shooting with a hand gun, rifles, automatic firearms.


Legal aspects of using firearms in Ukraine.

Types of firearms.

Low acrobatics and using it for practical shooting.

Shooting in statics:

– Standing and basic body positions for shooting.

– Order of snatching weapons, preparation for shooting.

– Technique of shooting in statics.

– Shooting from place to accuracy.

Shooting in dynamics:

– Movement in standing, walking, running, low acrobatics with weapons.

– Shooting at a stationary target with a movement in standing, walking, running, low acrobatics.

– Shooting at a moving target.

– Shooting with obstacles (flashing light, sound effects, objects on the way of fire, etc.).

Evasion of single or automatic fire:

– Using of standing and movements in the standing.

– Using of low acrobatics.

– Using of different objects and surrounding conditions for the shelter.

Shooting in a dash with firearms.

Tactical game with using of strike ball.