We offer:

Hand-to-hand fight:

  • Active defense;
  • Protection against knives, sticks and other things;
  • Protection against the attack of several enemies;
  • Protection in the conditions of the limited space, in aggressive environment.

Practical shooting:

  • Shooting in statics, dynamics;
  • Shooting in a confined space;
  • Shooting in the dark.


  • Survival in different environments: mountains, plains, swamps, dry climate;
  • The survival of individual, group;
  • Behavior in extreme conditions;
  • Survival in the conditions of anthropogenic catastrophes;
  • Survival in the anthropogenic environment;
  • Physical, psychological and law survival.

Tactical training:

  • Actions of small groups in different conditions and in different situations;
  • Action of the group during the raid and on post;
  • Tactics of the movement of the group;
  • Using of paint-ball and strike-ball for training.

You can take our “BASIC Course” by coming to our seminars:

Seminar №1 – “Basic of System of Rational Safety Management”

Seminar №2 – “Self-Defense”

Seminar №3 – “Practical Shooting”

Seminar №4 – “Survival in Extreme Conditions”

Seminar №5 – “Tactical Training for Actions in Extreme Conditions”.

Summer week-long military-patriotic camp “Legionnaire”.

Military-Patriotic Camp “Legionnaire”:

  • The program is structured in the form of thematic blocks, which will be completed in the form of competitions between departments:
  • Historical – local lore (the partisans movement)
  • Physical training
  • Psychological preparation
  • Self-defense
  • Practical shooting
  • Survival in natural conditions
  • The pre-medical assistance
  • Tactical games

Instructors’ Course of the Military-Patriotic Education:

SRUB provides assistance to other organizations in the preparation of their volunteers as instructors and organizers of the military-patriotic education.

Directions of training:

  • Hand-to-hand fight;
  • Practical shooting;
  • Survival in nature;
  • Tactical training;
  • Methods of the organization of military-patriotic education in the IPO, school or out-of-school institution;
  • Organizer of military-patriotic education.