Hand-to-hand fight

Seminar of SRUB “Hand-to-Hand Fight”

It is conducted primarily in Kiev. Duration – 2-3 days.

Purpose: to acquaint the participants with different types, styles, directions of the self-defense (sport and combat).


Master-classes in different styles and directions (Combat Sambo, Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai).

Hand-to-hand fight on the methodology of SRUB:

– Basic physical training (breathing, acrobatics and off-balance, fight standing, movement, self-insurance).

– System of punches and kicks by hands, legs and any objects (preparation of the body to strikes, preparation of striking surfaces, preparation of the mind prior to the adoption of strikes, studying of waves and vibrations during strikes and movements, the phases of strike).

– System of protection from kicks (going away the line of attack, distance, wedge and ricochet, protection in different phases).

– Using of levers and link structure (3 kind of leverage, their application in different parts of the body, the lever arms outside and inside, 6 links and unbalance through interaction with them).

– Protection against the threat of a knife, pistol, submachine gun.

– Protection against blows with a knife, pistol, submachine gun.

– Protection against attack of several opponents.

At the end of the seminar the participants receive certificates of participation and handouts.