SRUB is a set of practical knowledge and skills which provide rational out of all routine and extreme situations with minimal losses, to adapt to rapid environmental changes with sufficient psychological stability.

We do not intend to study some actions, methods. We aim to identify and understand the sequence and relationship of tasks. We learn to work with nature by studying it. We learn to practice the laws of nature and environment in which we find ourselves.

The concept of human personality as a system, we base on the fact that it has 4 areas: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

We study the human levels:

1. Biomechanical

2. Bioinformatic

3. Bioenergy

It allows with great interest and more detail to come to personal development as individuals, to develop the ability to enter into a collective and work in a team.

Formula: “Man – Action – Environment” is in the basis of our methods.

So, any person through SRUB receives a complex of personal and system development, an effective tool and methodology, that is relevant to his/her personal purposes and is suitable for self-development.