Seminar of SRUB “Tactical Training”

Duration: 2-3 days.

Venue: miscellaneous\different.

Purpose: to provide the basic skills and knowledge on the tactics of small groups in armed conflict, the threat of bandits, technogenic catastrophes, natural disasters.

Tactical training seminar is conducted in the form of a campaign for a few days with full staying autonomously from civilization.


– The basic elements of the movement, acrobatics, falls, self-insurance.
Civil training:

– Basic bivouac tourist skills, wanderings of different areas.

– Fundamentals of the topography and orientation.

– Fundamentals of Regional Studies.

– Special pre-medical assistance in the conditions of the campaign, in particular in wounds.

– Medicinal plants\ Herbs\.

– Elements of the survival of the group during the campaign in case of a limited equipment, food, water.

– Equipment.

– Footprint-studying.



– Fundamentals of the shooting.

– Dealing with weapons.

– The technique of grip and aiming and firing.

– Shooting in statics and dynamics, shooting at night.

– Arrangement of the firing positions.

– Weapon-studying.


– Principles of the movement of group in the ranks. Management of individual members of the group.

– The main tactics of movement.

– Division on the march. Surveillance. Standing.

– Tactics of actions in different natural and anthropogenic conditions.

– Ways of overcoming barriers (debris, water, etc.)

At the end of the seminar the participants will receive certificates.