Seminar of SRUB “Survival”

Duration: 2-3 days.

The venues, the program of this seminar depend on the time of year (Carpathians, Polissia, South Ukraine).

Purpose: to provide participants with basic practical skills of survival in extreme climatic conditions.

The basic elements of the program:

– Simulation of an emergency situation, introduction of the participants in the role-playing game.

– Formulation of the problem – you need to survive. Psychology of survival. Risk factors.

– Practical instruction – algorithm of survive. What and how to consistently do to keep health, life, ourselves and other members of the group.

– Resources:

  • Water.
  • Fire.
  • Food.
  • Housing.

Using of the existing equipment.

How to get a necessary things and weapons in nature.

– Orientation in the locality.

– Basic first aid during the survive.

– Survival tactics – waiting for help or how to get to civilization.

We don’t tell how to survive, we do it, and in natural conditions we show how and what to do.